Sales letter
Dear Sirs!

The "Amur Forest" sawmill is located in the Khabarovsk region of Eastern Russia and manufactures sawn lumber from larch and spruce. The capacity of the factory is about 150 000 m3 sawn lumber per year.

The factory has new modern high-tech equipment: Soderhamn Eriksson (Sweden) sawing and edging lines and drying kilns from Eisenmann, Germany. The products are sold on the domestic market and the markets of Europe and South Eastern Asia.

The company is interested in long-term contracts and offers the following products:

Larch, high quality, grade unsorted + IV
25x100; 125; 150 mm
32x100; 125; 150 mm
38x100; 125; 150 mm
50x100; 125; 150 mm
Tolerances: -0; +2 mm.

Lengths: 3 m, 3.3 m, 3.6 m, 3.9 m, 4 m.

Normal moisture for delivery is 18 +/- 2% (transport moisture).

Moisture content from 8 to14% can be specified.

Lower quality (grade V) can be ordered in the same standard sizes.

"Amur Forest" sales office:
Contacts in Moscow:
Phone/Fax: +7 499 9404802